11 January 2016: ZWISCHEN DEN JAHREN Digipak now purchaseable on Bandcamp

14 December 2015: The release date for ZWISCHEN DEN JAHREN has been set! On December 28th 2015 the new Festung Nebelburg-album will come.

02 December 2015: Studio Kalthallen has completed the mastering and the cd is on its way to me! Only a couple of weeks left until the new album ZWISCHEN DEN JAHREN will be released!

17 November 2015: With the new album's release coming closer, I have a request: If you plan to buy the album, please send an e-mail to FestungNebelburgOrders@gmail.com in order to estimate the demand.

11 November 2015: As Myspace is dead: Festung Nebelburg now officially user of Bandcamp!


released November 11, 2015



Festung Nebelburg Germany

Black'n' Roll and Pagan Metal clash at Nattulv's solo project Festung Nebelburg and form a frosty, raging atmosphere. The songs about gloomy sagas of the Bavarian Forest and the mystic twelve nights between the years are what Festung Nebelburg stands for: Rough authentic music, originality and Nattulv's links to his home region, Eastern Bavaria. ... more

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